Rising costs

Controlling rising costs

Costs are rising all the time. The practice of passing on increases in the form of higher prices, however, has been under pressure for a long time owing to international competition.

What with one crisis after the other, each with a different name, recovery from a sudden drop in sales is at best slow. There is no shortage of bankruptcies. What if there is a double dip recession, will the euro take a dive, will America recover?

What will happen to the dollar, will government spending cuts have the desired effect of will an energy crisis follow? Will inflation rear its ugly head and push prices up still further? All such questions attest to an increasing degree of uncertainty.

Horatio Business Value has developed a nine points system for keeping rising costs in check. These nine points are based upon an extensive value analysis of both the costs and of the business as a whole.

If you wish to know more about these points you can purchase the handbook entitled: ‘How to Control Rising Costs’ costing € 250 excluding BTW (VAT), which includes a one-hour training session!