Empathy and enterprise

Horatio is convinced that all rational theories on growth should be taken seriously, even though their effect is, however, more enlightening rather than productive. Better to create new opportunities, such as seeking new clients for existing products or selling new products to existing clients or a combination of the two - selling new products to new clients.

Real opportunities are created in an atmosphere of expectation, initiative, innovation, but above all by the degree of empathy that an organization has developed. Empathy is the ability to tune in to the feelings of another person, similar to the way in which the audience in a theatre does or onlookers at sports games. Management needs to be able to tap into verbal and non verbal communication and understand them properly.

Horatio analyses the empathic capacity of a business and offers training sessions to work on its further improvement. Training sessions are available from € 2,500 excluding BTW (VAT).