Forensic Investigation and Corporate Damage

This entails research into accuracy, legitimacy and accountability and the determination of the amount of any loss as a consequence of breach, an unlawful act (tort), directors’ and officers’ liability or lawful government action, compulsory purchase or planning blight.

Think of failure to perform an agreement or its unlawful cancellation, or loss resulting from government interference (for instance in case of major infrastructure projects) whereby an individual (an entrepreneur) suffers a disproportionate loss/damage. With respect to lawful government action:

Horatio has been involved in a number of cases that went before the Raad van State, the Council of State, an advice organ that hears cases against decisions by the Dutch government.

Horatio has been retained as an independent advisor in numerous law suits, acting as a legal expert before the Court of Appeal in The Hague: V.d.Stroom/State (unlawful act by the State), Stena/Hoogheemraadschap (compulsory purchase), Heuff/NS (Compulsory purchase).