Fees versus expertise

All too often the general public associates the work performed by Horatio with that of accountants. In order to distance itself from this once and for all Horatio has set itself up as a separate company. The public’s perception of accountants frequently leads to the choice of a financial expert being made solely on the basis of the number of hours worked times the hourly rate. There where expertise should be the top priority.

Horatio professes to having built up an exceptionally good multidisciplinary team over the years in the knowledge area of government and the business community with regard to claims for damages.

Horatio refers to, with a view to a possible reappointment as expert in 2011 to the Chipshol versus Schiphol Airport case whereby Horatio was retained by Schiphol airport to give expert evidence on their behalf, and in which the claims brought against Schiphol by Chipshol were rejected in their entirety. It might have been to the great satisfaction of Schiphol airport but, this was, of course, not a sentiment shared by Chipshol and his advisors, Mr Joling and Mr Lakeman.