Is the source of financing suitable?

Financing can take many forms nowadays, ranging from advance payment against work in progress and receivables, known as “factoring”, to loans without a repayment obligation, perpetuals. The factor receives payment upon collection of the receivables, a perpetual loan is never repaid. Which form of finance would be the most suitable in a particular situation depends strongly upon the nature of the investment, the size of the risk, the term during which the monies invested are recouped and the cost of the financing itself.

Horatio has developed a handbook enabling you to determine for yourself which type of financing is most suited to your needs. It also looks into the question of whether your need for credit is based on healthy entrepreneurship. For instance, is too much cash tied up in stocks or receivables? Are you taking enough account of the stage which your business is currently at, or of an expanding market or a declining one?

The handbook entitled: ‘Six points to remember when arranging your financing' is available for the sum of € 250 excluding BTW (VAT) and includes a one-hour training session.