Balance sheet reading

How to read a balance sheet, what the numbers tell you

The second edition of the book ‘How to read a Balance Sheet: What the Numbers Tell You’ appeared in print in 2010. It was rated among the top hundred titles with a five-star rating listed on For those of you who would like a quick way of becoming familiar with “How to Read a Balance Sheet”, Horatio produced in 2010 a DVD, which records the essence of financial management. That DVD is available via

The lectures on ‘How to Read a Balance Sheet’ were given by Horatio to the full satisfaction of its participants at the Radboud University and the Grotius Academy and in-house at the offices of a number of leading firms of lawyers. In 2010 the theme of the lectures was financial covenants between banks and businesses.

In 2011 you can take part in an online seminar on reading a balance sheet for entrepreneurs, comprising three one-hour lectures which sets out the essentials of reading a balance sheet. For more information please visit our website Upon completion of this online seminar you will have the ability to make your own analysis of the financial situation of your business. The cost amounts to € 250 excluding BTW (VAT).