Statutory Audit

Low-cost Statutory Audit

Horatio took the decision to bundle its expertise in the field of statutory audits and to establish a separate legal entity, IUS, Statutory Audits Coöperatie U.A. Eppo Horlings RA is the chairman of the new company and drs. Ramon Groen RA (ex-KPMG) has been appointed CEO. This step guarantees the independent development of the knowledge necessary for use by statutory audits.

IUS confines itself to this specialism in the conviction that this is the right format for offering both specialism and independence at the lowest possible cost. The format is proving to be successful, as evidenced by its fast growth.

IUS’ first clients include an internet firm, an international chain in the field of hotel management, an investment company, an international real estate company (owning buildings on Wall Street) and a clinic in the medical sector. The required licence was obtained from the AFM in 2010 and IUS expects considerable growth in 2011. It is also making the necessary preparations for an OOB licence in 2013. IUS has six registered accountants at its disposal.